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Nicole Ramsey

I grew up in a family of professional wanderers; in less fancy terms, we were an Air Force family, moving frequently. My first memories are of Japan and the most beautiful place on earth I know is Western Washington (mountains and ocean are the way to my heart!). A homeschool graduate, I earned a BA in history at Purdue and married a Hoosier (who, thankfully, shares some of my wanderlust!).

 We now have five beautiful children, almost an acre, a dog, and a hundred year old house with a front porch that just asks for morning cups of tea.
    Certified as a birth doula through Childbirth International. I love being a partner in making a safe and supportive space for women to give birth; I love the creation of smooth transitions for families as their beautiful babies settle into new routines; I love the research that helps women have better birth outcomes and that strengthens their confidence. I love it all, really, and I'm so excited to be in this business!
(Photo credit Vanessa Stoller)


.... but if you're Nicole, who's Ada?!

In 2008, while completing my history degree at Purdue, I had the opportunity to research the journal of a young woman named Ada Casterline. You won't find her name in any history books; she's no one famous, but she mattered. 

 She and her husband, Amos, moved from Indiana to Mississippi in 1858. As I read her journal, I fell in love with her courageous heart, her delightful sense of humor, and with the way she cherished her loved ones. Ada passed away in 1859; I graduated in 2009. I thought about grad school; I really did... but the more I thought about Ada, the more I realized I wanted to be with women like her today ~ and that I didn't just want to dwell in the past. Women today are strong, funny, loving, and brave... just like Ada... and I want to be supporting them today, too. That was Ada's gift: letting me glimpse her life and helping me understand the joy of all life.